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Cabling for 3par (7200)

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Cabling for 3par (7200)

I'm having problems trying to find the cabling diagram for the 3par 7200. Do we need all 6 FC connections from 1 node to go to switch 1? And all 6 connections on the 2nd node need connecting to switch 2?


Also what's the maximum remote copy links I can use?



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Re: Cabling for 3par (7200)



You do not need to use all 6 connections... Most of the time 2 ports are used for redundancy/high availability.


Remote Copy is always through 1 FC port per controller. So you will need at least 3 ports for a good, valid solution...


If you need/want more bandwidth, you can connect more host ports...


Here is a link where you can find all user and other implementation guides on 3PAR:






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Re: Cabling for 3par (7200)

The (current) Best Practice is for the odd-numbered FC ports to go to one fiber switch, the even-numbered FC ports to the other.


A host would be connected to at most two ports on each fabric side.

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