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Change the principle switch in SAN Fabric

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Change the principle switch in SAN Fabric

I have SAN Fabric which contain six san switches , two san sws exist in c7000 , two in onther c7000 , two are external rack mount .

the principl switch now is one of the san sw exist in one c7000 enclosure , we are going to remove this enclosure (which contain the principle san sw) from our data center .

My question : how to change the principle san switch to an external switch ? what is the impact on the production?


Re: Change the principle switch in SAN Fabric

Hello Owahid,

If you have redundant connections from other switches, you can remove/reboot/turn-off the principal SAN switch. One of the subordinate switches will assume the role of principal switch. That will not result in loss of any information.

All the switches in a fabric share the same set of information such as zoning table. They are designed to be redundant and to assume the principal switch role any time when the principal switch fails.

Srinivas Bhat

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