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Cli capabilities

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Cli capabilities

Quoting a customer a 3PAR solution to potentially replace an older Hitachi storage array.


This customer relies extensively on the hitachi cli -- they use batch/script commands to snap-clone LUNs that are attached to virtual machines as RDM data disks - then these cloned LUNs are presented (again I think with scripting) to test/dev virtual machines and used as data LUNS. Basically they keep 2 and somethimes 3 generations of servers up and running, and they use the above technique daily and weekly to keep test and dev in sync with production.


The question is: does the 3PAR cli offer this same kind of functionality?



Sheldon Smith

Re: Cli capabilities

Yes, although the architecture design is different, so the end result may be a little different than with the Hitachi.


Take a look at the HP 3PAR Command Line Interface Administrator’s Manual, and at the HP 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference. (http://hp.com/support/manuals)

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