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Cluster extension and remote copy configuration

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Cluster extension and remote copy configuration

I am looking to implement clx across two sites

We have a 3par storage system at each site with licenses for

Remote copy

Cluster extension


I have been reading the clx admin guild and it appears that you can only use one Remote Copy Volume Group set per cluster group. Is this right?


In the clx config guide it states that you can add;

Multiple cluster hosts from each data centre which make up the cluster

Each storage array

The RCVG from each array which will act as replication partners


Because clx will manage the replication direction for the RCVGs. If a failover occurs, all cluster resource in the cluster which rely on volumes in the RCVG will failover to the other data centre and clx will reverse the replication direction.


Am I reading this right or am I missing something?





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Re: Cluster extension and remote copy configuration

I have answered my own Question.


the clx agent is instaleld as a dll so that it can be called as a cluster resource. the cluster resouce is configured to be unique to the cluster group and therfore a unique cluster resouce entry per cluster group if required.


If multip RCVGs are required, multiple cls resources can be added in the cluster group.