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Confirm data deletion on auto-expiration Virtual Volume

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Confirm data deletion on auto-expiration Virtual Volume

Is there a  way to confirm that the data within the virtual volume that was created with auto-expiration date is completely erased ?

Also, is  there is other way to securely erase the virtual volume with a confirmation ?




Sheldon Smith

Re: Confirm data deletion on auto-expiration Virtual Volume

For any virtual volume, the following is from the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide:

Logical Disks and Chunklet Initialization

"After deleting logical disks, the underlying chunklets must be initialized before their space is available to build logical disks. The initialization process for chunklets generally takes about one minute per 1 GB chunklet. To see chunklets that are currently in the process of being initialized, issue the showpd –c command. Chunklets that are uninitialized are listed in the Uninit column."

The auto-expiration system task simply performs a removevv on expired virtual volume(s).

To "securely" erase the virtual volume with or without a confirmation will require a host-based utility.
Note: if the virtual volume is thin, it will 'inflate' to its full virtual size during any secure erasure process. This in turn will increase the number of chunklets to be reinitialized and the overall time of the chunklet initialization process.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: Confirm data deletion on auto-expiration VV

As Sheldon said, the chunklets will eventually be initialized so they can be reused by other VVs.

I suppose you could track all of the chunklets belonging to that VV and if they still show up in cleaning state, they aren't zeroed:

showpdch -cng