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Re: Connection to 3par storeserv 7200 Lost

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Connection to 3par storeserv 7200 Lost

Good afternoon...

I am a new to the 3par storage environment. I took over interim managment of the storage environment and i am   experiencing trouble when trying to connect to our 3par device. Connection to the asssigned management IP adresses is lost/unreacheble for some reason. I tried connecting to the serial console port with putty but no i get response no response after i click on connect. All vm's are still running. (Exsi 6.5)

How can i reset the managment ip address or does hp have any tool cabaple of connecting directly to 3par system. 



Re: Connection to 3par storeserv 7200 Lost

Hello Jason_Afrikaner,

Did you check whether we can successfully ping to the same IP? If the IP is not pingable, check whether the IPs are in the same subnet or we have a route to the MGMT IP network. Also ensure that the MGMT ports of all nodes conencted to the network.
If IP is pingable but unable to connect to the console (no display),  try connecting the array from service processor menu (assuming that the array is still manageable from SP).

If that also failes, please engage the HPE support.


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