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Correct registry 3PAR into InfoSight

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Correct registry 3PAR into InfoSight

I successfully registered 3PAR with HPE InfoSight via SSMC (System -> Action -> Edit - add token to Comments and General Settings -> HPE InfoSight). Do I also need to register the token in 3PAR Service Console -> System -> Action -> Edit System - Installation Site - Register with HPE InfoSight? Our version VSP, OS 3.3.1 MU2.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Correct registry 3PAR into InfoSight

When done on the StoreServ, the token is collected in the CONFIG report and sent in. This is typically done three times a day. When done on the Service Processor, the SP sends it immediately.
Either will work; both send it to our STaTS repository, where it then goes to InfoSight.

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