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Defrag CSV on 3PAR (volume alignment is invalid)

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Defrag CSV on 3PAR (volume alignment is invalid)

I was trying to check the fragmentation level on a CSV we have setup for our Hyper-V cluster. This is running on our 3PAR 7200 and it returns:

"The slab consoluidation / trim operation cannot be performed because the volume alignment is invalid (0x89000029)"


I've seen this post on Microsoft about some NetApp storage and 3PAR stating:

Reference this:


and tell them the violation is that OptimalUnmapGranularity or UnmapGranularityAlignment aren’t multiples of cluster size. If you know the slab size, you can choose a cluster size that meets these requirements.


Is this an issue I need to open a case with HP about? I'm running Server 2012 R2 with the latest updates.