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Delete snapshot error

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Delete snapshot error

We have 25 historical snapshot that i am trying to delete, but get the error message "The volume is in a remote copy relationship and cannot be deleted."

We had an event on the "Remote Copy Group":

Remote Copy Group 63(*name*) Degraded (Group stopped - IO to secondary timed out, the reason for the hung IO should be resolved before restarting the group {0xa})

At the same time 25 snapshots where made, that i am not able to delete.

The "Remote copy group" in now stopped.


Sheldon Smith

Re: Delete snapshot error

? That's exactly what Remote Copy is supposed to do.

Replicate an Active (primary) volume to Standby (secondary) volume. Something causes the Group to stop; it instantly makes snapshots of all the Active volumes assuming they will continue changing. When the Group starts back up, the snapshots are flushed. When the volumes are re-synchronized, if the Group is synchronous, the snapshots are deleted. If the Group is asynchronous, the old snapshot is deleted after the next resync.

Now, go read the Remote Copy User Guide, Part I.

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