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Determen remaining space

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Bastiaan v H
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Determen remaining space


We have a setup where there are two types of FC disks, 1.2TB/10K and 300GB/15K. Both disks type's have their own CPG. The GUI is a challange to interpetate how much space there's left to be allocated to an certain type of disk/CPG.

The Free amount in Systems is for all FC disks, but how can we determen the Free allocateable space of the 10k or 15k disks? Using the 3PAR Magement Console.

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Mark Smithers
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Re: Determen remaining space

Using IMC?

Select Systems / <Array Name> / Physical Disks / Tier type.  On my screen, on the right hand pane, I see a summary and then I can look at the physical drives and see capacity used per disk, chunklet usage etc.

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Bastiaan v H
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Re: Determen remaining space

Ah yes, so you can consult the disks from the CPG. Thank you for this.

The free space per disk is fully allocatable?

Sheldon Smith

Re: Determen remaining space

It's considered a reservationless architecture. You have to consult the CPG to determine available RAID space for a given device type. 

You can allocate all if you are not using Thin Provisioning, Virtual Copies, Remote Copy, etc. Those all require capacity in which to grow. Assuming you have the "Thin" licenses (Thin Conversion, Thin Copy Reclamation, Thin Deduplication, Thin Persistence, Thin Provisioning), you would normally be better served using thin provisioned virtual volumes. Then plan to add capacity when your usage exceeds some percentage. Percentage to be determined based on rate of consumption, and purchase cycle speed.


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