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Device Tier Full and CPG Question

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Device Tier Full and CPG Question

Hi, could someone clear up something for me regarding disk tier capacity and CPGs.

One type of disk we have is now at 95% of capacity, there are  a couple of CPGs linked to the tier which are also in an AO config.

The CPGs have no CPG warning or limit set so it won't push the data between other tiers (I think).

I've changed the AO mode as well to try and push data away from this tier.

I've tried a CPG compact to reduce space with limited success.  Is there anything else I can try other than buy new disks?  


Re: Device Tier Full and CPG Question

you can try moving some VV from one CPG to another CPG where both CPG belongs to different tier. This can be achieved by tunevv

Then try compact cpg on those CPGs

You can also set size limit on CPGs which are part of AO so that when next time AO runs in out of office hours data will not move to that CPG from other tier.


Hope this helps!

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