Disk Levelling


Disk Levelling


Have a T400 16 FC drives on 3PAR, with a CPG working well. Added 16 more drives, so now its has 32 total. The CPG showed 32 drives before they tuned.
Tuned the CPG, but it moved the CPG to the new spindles and off the old, so still on 16. Then later tuned it again, and it then spread it across all 32 spindles. Any clues why it took two tunes? I’m not sure on the timing of when the new drives were added to when they tuned, but is it the case where you can’t immediately tune and have to wait for the new drives to “settle in”? Or could have noticed the CPG moved to the new 16 spindles first and then eventually moved across all 32, and just checked too soon before the leveling ended?