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EVA-3Par Online Import Error

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EVA-3Par Online Import Error

Hello Gurus,


I am configuring online import between an EVA storage and a 3Par 7200. I have been facing this error for two days now.

incorrect credentials or destination storage system is unreachable or failed to load data on time. please ensure storage system is configured for use and is accessible.

It comes while adding the 3Par storage as the destination. The credentials are ok. The EVA storage was added smoothly but the 3Par still fails. I have tried several solutions I saw from posts on the web but they have not worked. My zoning has the following and I can see the 3Par ports on CV EVA and likewise, the EVA ports on the 3Par MC:


3Par-   21:11:02:02:ac:00:9b:75
EVA-    50:01:43:80:02:5c:a5:1d


Zone 2,

3Par-    20:12:02:02:ac:00:9b:75
EVA-     50:01:43:80:02:5c:a5:1c




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Re: EVA-3Par Online Import Error



do you check "Create two zones between the source EVA storage system and destination 3PAR storage

system, ensuring that one EVA host port is in the same zone with one 3PAR peer port.

Each zone should contain only two ports: one from each storage system. Adjacent 3PAR peer

nodes should be zoned to separate EVA controllers in a one-to-one mapping. For example,

zone the peer port on node 0 on the 3PAR storage system to controller A on the EVA, and

zone the peer port on node 1 on the 3PAR storage system to controller B on the EVA.

Network" ?


HP EVA to 3PAR StoreServ Online Import Migration Guide


My Zoning:


EVA Controller A Port 4

3PAR Node 0 Peer Port




EVA Controller B Port 3

3PAR Node 1 Peer Port






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Re: EVA-3Par Online Import Error

Hi Stefan,


I logged the case and this is what was done to have the destination 3Par storage imported.

1. I patched the 10.3.1 Command View with 10.3.2

2. Upgraded the 3par IMC from 4.4.to 4.5

3. Corrected the zoning so that both EVA controllers would be used and was then as follows:

zone1:  HP3PAR_N1S1P1_EVACTRL1_P1



zone:  HP3PAR_N0S1P2_EVA_CTRL2_P2




Once this was completed, we restarted the following services:

HP EVA to 3PAR StoreServ Online Import and HP P6000 Command View.

When attempting to add the 3Par as the destination system again we faced two more different errors:

Internal server error. Please refresh the server content pane and retry. If the issue persists, please refer to troubleshooting section in HP EVA to 3PAr StoreServ Online Import user guide


Unable to validate certificate. Use TPDCertVerifier.bat to update trust store at C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\InFormMC\security\HP-3PAR-MC-TrustStore


 Both errors were sorted by creating the InFormMC folder under C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\ and copying the HP-3PAR-MC-TrustStore under C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\InformMC\security\

Also, while adding the destination 3Par storage, the secure check box was unchecked because otherwise it would appear as "Unknown" on the operational state tab.