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Equivalent storage to Fujitsu DX440S2‎

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Equivalent storage to Fujitsu DX440S2‎

We have a tough competition with Fujitsu and we need to found competitive price/performance solution. the main point is for Cache expandability as cutomer needs 32GB expandable to 96GB, there are many technologies like using SSD for cache expandability

Does HP have (now or in near future roadmap) any technology in cache expandability with low price? not to go for high-end storage like P9500 or 3PAR?
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Re: Equivalent storage to Fujitsu DX440S2‎

If you need insights on the product roadmaps you need to ask your HP sales contacts. Since they are under NDA, this information is not shared in the forums.

The 3PAR F200/F400/V400 is expected to perform smoothly even with less then 96GB cache. Its all about backend performance and optimal data placement. The 3PAR Optimization Suite (with AO, DO) comes with all required licenses. Add some SSDs and you're done...