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Exporting As both NFS and SMB

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Exporting As both NFS and SMB

Dear Friends,

I new to 3PAR Storage I need help with 3 Issues

1 ) In my 3PAR 20800 Box i had both SMB and NFS shres, i have to made available few of  NFS shares as       SMB/CIFS and viceversa is is possible from 3PAR end. in my old VNX box this provision is available.

2) Can i convert a SMB share with data as NFS and viceversa???

3) When i use robocopy to copy and sync from VNX to 3PAR, NFTS permissions not getting copied.


Thanks & Regards

Buddala Venkatesh



Re: Exporting As both NFS and SMB

Hi Venkatesh

Thank you for coming on HPE Community Forums.

I request you kindly go through
1. Setup guide for cross-protocol configuration using SMB,NFS, FTP, and HTTP protocols.
2. Setup Guide for HPE 3PAR File Persona ina Cross-protocol Environment.

Using the below mentioned links.

1. https://psnow.ext.hpe.com/doc/a00069739enw
2. https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=c04617546

If you need further assistance on step by step procedure, I suggest you to kindly contact HPE Technical Support and log a case.

Hope this helps.



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