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Exporting volume already published as iscsi? [3PAR, F400]

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Exporting volume already published as iscsi? [3PAR, F400]


I have some volumes already exported as iscsi to ESXi hosts.
Just finished configuring fiber channel [ESXi hosts FC connected to 3PAR F400] and would like to "migrate" those volumes to FC.
Do I just have to export the same volumes as FC [export to ESXi FC host set]?

I've done a test and it says that multiple exports can cause corruption unless the volume is being exported to a clustered environment.

Does ESXi cluster count as a clustered environment? Is is safe to go ahead or should I create a brand new volume and migrate a storage from vCentre?

Do you know how ESXi is going to behave if there is 1  volume exported as iscsi and fc?

Migrate a VM to "new" FC data store? Or is it intelligent enough to see that it is the same volume?

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Sheldon Smith

Re: Exporting volume already published as iscsi? [3PAR, F400]

First, ESXi cluster counts as a clustered environment.

Second, having a volume exported via iSCSI and FC to the same host is not supported.

If you are talking about changing a host, I believe what you need to do is:

  1. put the host in maintenance mode,
  2. change the 3PAR host definition from using iSCSI to FC (persona 6 - generic legacy),
  3. and have the ESX server rescan for volumes and datastores.

Check the multipathing on each datastore that it is set for round-robin.

There's a lot of information in the HP 3PAR VMware ESX Implementation Guide.

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