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Extreme Fan speed on 8400 Node Cage

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Extreme Fan speed on 8400 Node Cage


I just installed 3 8400's and 1 of them has an extreme fan noise coming from the Node Cage. If you do a healthcheck everything looks OK. If you do a "showcage -d cage0" evyething looks ok also except for the fa0 and fa1 fan speed which shows "Hi Speed".  The node cage is very high up in the rack and maybe the temperature close to that particular rack is a bit higher than the others (it was very hot behind the racks). Is there anything else I could check or do? The site is a dark site so I cant get any output out of the facility.



Re: Extreme Fan spped on 8400 Node Cage

Hi Kuibird53,

It indeed looks like a temperature issue since you already felt the environment is hot nearer to the cage.  The fans are supposed to be run on high speed as and when the temperature increases. (And, as per desing, they can run on 'High' for their complete life and it should not cause any issues).

Since this being a node cage, we can check the 'shownodeenv' command output to find the temperature readings.  Check for the current reading and if it is nearer to the "Hi_Limit" the behaviour is expected.

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