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File share quota reg

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File share quota reg

Dear Team,

Is there a way to set quotas on File Shares, i can only see to set the quota on File Store Level not on the File Shares, If i create a seperate store for each share i can able to create only 16 stores for a VFS.

Also A VFS is limited to 64TiB,  Creating multiple VFS with different IP's is more confusing / complicated across the enterprise.

Any advice and solutions for the above issues.

Thanks and Regards

Buddala Venkastesh


Re: File share quota reg

Hello Venkatesh,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The Quotas cannot be set at the share level. It has to be done at the Store Level itself.

I am not sure of what 3PAR array you are refering to. However, the maximum size for the VFS is 64TiB.
I think the 3PAR 20k arrays offers to create a max VFS size of 128TiB, if I am not wrong.

Thanks and Regards
I am HPE Employee

I am an HPE Employee

Re: File share quota reg

Hi B_Venkatesh,

File Persona supports capacity and file quotas both @ the VFS and the File Store level (but not at the share level).

User & group quotas can be applied on a VFS, independent of any File Store quotas.

So, dependent on the requirements, a share per FIle Store could be created with a quota, or user and/or group quotas could be used across all File Stores on a VFS.

Today, with 3PAR OS 3.3.1, 16 x FIle Stores per VFS/FPG is supported, with up to 64 TiB per VFS/FPG.

Only 1 x IP address is needed per VFS to facilitate access to all shares on a File Store, unless separate VLAN access is needed - up to 4 x IPs in total are supported.

For more info see the latest:

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Re: File share quota reg

Thanks for the reply and i am out of office, my array is 3PAR20800 and i am restricted to 64TiB per VFS, my 3PAR OS Information is givn below, is there any opatch required to achive 128TiB Per VFS

3par20K8 cli% showversion

Release version 3.3.1 (MU2)
Patches: P32,P34,P40,P45,P51,P52,P76,P80,P90,P93,P96,P111,P113,P115

Component Name Version
CLI Server 3.3.1 (P113)
CLI Client 3.3.1
System Manager 3.3.1 (P113)
Kernel 3.3.1 (MU2)
TPD Kernel Code 3.3.1 (MU2)
TPD Kernel Patch 3.3.1 (P113)


Re: File share quota reg

Hi Venkatesh,

The increased quota (128TiB or higher) is not available yet. It is expected to be available in File Persona version 1.6.x. in future release. You can verify the file persona version with the command 'showversion -a -b'. Your current version must be 1.5.x.



I am an HPE Employee

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