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Re: Forgot 3paradm password

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Forgot 3paradm Password

Hello everyone

I have a 3par 8440 (4node) and i make it out of box and initial it with VSP for a long time ago then i power off the storage and delete the vsp.

now i want use my storage system but i forgot the "3paradm" password.

3paradm password is not default ( 3pardata) 

how can i reset 3paradm password without VSP and without 3paradm password OR how can i find ciphertext for console user to make deinstallation without 3paradm password?

thank you

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Re: Forgot 3paradm password

Do you have another user with Super role?

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Re: Forgot 3paradm password


 Unfortunately i dont have any user

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Re: Forgot 3paradm password


you must open a call with HPE support

if you give them access to the machine they can do it.