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Gain access to prior setup h7200 with unknown access and credentials?

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Gain access to prior setup h7200 with unknown access and credentials?

Hello, I am cleaning up and repurposing some equipment left by a sister organization including an 3par 7200 and related 4U disk shelf. I've spun up a copy of SSMC in a VM, but am otherwise unable to connect to the 7200. It doens't appear to be connecting to the associated network, (wrong subnet setup maybe?) and beyond that I am unaware of the credentials for this device.

Is there a recommended method to reset an 7200 to factory, when there is no fear of associated data loss? (Edit: Or otherwise reset the credentials used to access the device?)

I believe the 3PAR has an internal sata drive, how would I go about diagnosing access, or what OS / disk image would be recommended to overwrite this internal drive?

As I can't connect, I am also unsure of the device's serial number, so am unable to check the warranty status or open a proper support ticket / chat at this time.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Gain access to prior setup h7200 with unknown access and credentials?

Just wanted to add, I've tracked down the IP via wireshark, or I believe I have anyways, the local ip does get me to an ssh login username and password request, which is a good sign I believe.


However, I am still without credentials and otherwise unsure how to get support / access.

--> I can pull the sata drives, mount, and change the credentials from a separate linux box maybe?


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Re: Gain access to prior setup h7200 with unknown access and credentials?

Do you talk about a 3PAR Storeserv 7200?

If you are looking for the serial number, it is on a sticker next to the power supplies (small).


Default login is 3paradm / 3pardata.

If this does not work, you maybe have luck with the default console login (depends on your OS version).

Using this login you can wipe and reset to factory defaults.


For the login see also



Hope this helps!

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Re: Gain access to prior setup h7200 with unknown access and credentials?

Thanks Torsten!

So, I've learned a massive amount, and made a ton of progress!


I am since actually connected to the 3par storeserv 7000, (Yep, that's the right one)!


I have access both via the serial console, as well as the CLI via SSH. And did track down my serial number (That sticker is tiny and easy to miss, haha) The issue I had the most trouble with was the fact that HPE's serial console cable wiring is not the same as the cables I had on hand (Had to wire up a cable myself).

Just in case someone else has the issue, this presented itself as getting a readout from the serial console, but no ability to send any keyboard input. Generally an unresponsive keyboard type problem.


I'm reading and working through the CLI documentation, but would love to get a GUI working instead. I have downloaded a few versions of SSMC, both the VM appliance, as well as the software to run locally, however since I now have a serial number, I was able to learn that the 3par I am working with is both out of warranty/no contract. As well it is not updated, running (3par os?) version 3.1.2.

The SSMC downloads available from the software depot are all the newer versions 3.3 and 3.6, and my lack of support (and corporate backing, this is a learning opportunity // hobby for me) means I am unable to upgrade to the new OS.

While not ideal, is there instead a way to get a copy of the older SSMC versions that still had support for 3.1.2?
--> Has SSMC always been public without a support agreement like it is now? If so, I suspect that there may still be access hidden away somewhere in the HPE world...?

I am going to keep forging ahead via the CLI for now, as I've come this far, but if anyone had guidance, the GUI will likely make this a less steep learning curve. 

Appreciate it!