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Get Auto-Failover Attribute from 3PAR CLI?


Get Auto-Failover Attribute from 3PAR CLI?

Hey so I have a large environment, that has alot of Remote Copy groups, and started to see they have remote copy groups that do not have the Auto Failover attribute set, which they need for Peer Persistence to work.

So instead of manually opening and checkign all RC groups, is there a way to pull that attribute from the CLI?

I looked at the CLI user guide, and I can set auto-failover with the setrcopygroup command, but not seeing a way to do a "show" it.

Wondering if anyone can help or knows of a way to save alot of GUI clicking !

Sheldon Smith

Re: Get Auto-Failover Attribute from 3PAR CLI?

The auto_failover attribute displays with the "showrcopy -d" command. It displays under the Options of each group.

As with (just about?) every set* command, there is a corresponding show* command. And usually a details option as well.

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