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HBA / Virtual SAN pass-through

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HBA / Virtual SAN pass-through

I have a Hyper-V host which is running WS2012 R2 Datacenter Edition GUI.  It has EmulexPlus HBA connect directly to 3Par 7200.  The host can connect to SAN volumes without any issue.  I also enabled NPIV on the HBA with OneCOmmand Manager.


I created a Hyper-V guest which is WS2012 R2 Standard Edition GUI.  The guest resides in the local server storage.  I configured Hyper-V host by creating a Fiber Channel Adapter with virtual SAN Manager.  After I added the Fiber Channel Adapter to the guest, the guest cannot start due to insufficient resources exist.



  1. Does 3Par 7200 support NPIV?  What CLI to confirm that?
  2. Does 3Par 7200 support virtual SAN pass-through with direct connect FC?
  3. Will FC switch help to remedy this issue?

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