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HOT TOPIC: ARRAY auto tiering

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HOT TOPIC: ARRAY auto tiering

HP 3PAR:Adaptive Optimization auto tiering.

HP EVA: dynamic lun

EMC:FAST and FAST VP(Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools)

Hitachi Data Systems: Dynamic Tiering with its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)

IBM : Easy Tier

Anyone can shaer any experience with implementation/performance improving,etc?

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We have customers which use the 3PAR tiering. From 3PAR side, tiering is autonomic. The product is named Adaptive Optimization. So that AO is running we need System Reporter.

From 3PAR side the tiering is based on 3 class of disks devices. Tier 0 is SSD devices, Tier 1 is FC disks devices, Tier 2 is Sata disks devices. You don't have need 3 class of disks devices, you can only two, for example, FC disks and Sata disks.

Customers set parameters to move data from Sata to FC when a application needs fast response and after move down data to Sata.


ON EVA family , we have the same thing.