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Re: HP 3 PAR 7200 vs EMC VNX 5400

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HP 3 PAR 7200 vs EMC VNX 5400

Dear Experts,


We are currently looking for upgrading our storage EVA 4400 and are looking in options. Presently we have two proposals:


- HP 3PAR 7200

- EMC VNX 5400


Before we finalize, need to know major differences why HP to be preferred on EMC VNX. So looking for comparison.


I appreciate help in this regard from professionals in this forum.


Waiting for valuable response.





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Re: HP 3 PAR 7200 vs EMC VNX 5400



I would personally recommend VNX, we have been using HP 3PAR F400, since 4 years. we believe that it was a wrong decision as selectio of HP 3PAR.  


  • HP is frequently changing the Storage Array models, and this would cause the issue of support as soon you have completed first 3 years. 
  • HP sales would force you to get the latest storage array, instead of support renewal.
  • Support renewal for the Array would as much expansive as you are getting the new Array  (so they would show the sale....)
  • HP history is very simple, they are just buyiug the technology from others (MSA, EVA, 3PAR, etc.) they dont have their own research centers. 



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Re: HP 3 PAR 7200 vs EMC VNX 5400

I missed this conversation and apologize for my late reply.

There's a reason why in 4 years HPE on the strength of 3PAR has become the number one mid-range Fibre Channel array.  My bias aside, in a side-by-side product comparison, 3PAR wins hands down.  One of the proofs I look at is integration with VMware.  As an example, VMware vVols started development over 5 years ago.  EMC is the parent company of VMware and today still does not support vVols with VNX.  Why? I can only speculate but I believe it's the VNX architecture. VNX was not designed for today's virtualized workloads.

HPE 3PAR had day 1 support for vVols and in fact was the exclusive FC array development platform.

mammadshah - you are incorrect about having our own research.  I work in Boise where a portion of our 3PAR R&D team is. That team used to be R&D for the EVA and before that HP AutoRAID that was technology that came from HP Labs.  And by the way, EMC acquired VNX from DG - it's a common practice in the industry to acquire start-up technology and make it better through your own development.  That's exactly what HPE has done with 3PAR.

As for support - you'll find that every vendor charges more for support after the first 3 years.  EMC is legendary for their extreme costs to renew.  HPE offers the option to purchase support for years 4 and 5 up front and customers who know they will use their storage for more than 3 years take advantage of this.

Lastly, here's a video I did that compares traditional arrays (like VNX) to the 3PAR architecture. https://youtu.be/MaTU2xc23NE

Happy to answer any questions.

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Re: HP 3 PAR 7200 vs EMC VNX 5400

There is a comparison chart over at IT Central Station, which is based on user reviews, that you might find helpful:

EMC VNX vs HPE 3PAR Flash Storage