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HP 3PAR 7400 and Vmware 51

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HP 3PAR 7400 and Vmware 51


We are going to implement new 3Par 7400 Disk Arrays and migrate VMware 5.1 servers to these new disk arrays. The new disk arrays will also hold Windows 2008\2012 operating systems. Is there any known problems or concerns with mixing Vmware 5.1 and Windows Operating Systems on the same 3Par array?


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Re: HP 3PAR 7400 and Vmware 51


First, make sure the servers are zoned following HP's Best Practices. Each server should have its own zone; only one host HBA to one or two 3PAR host ports.

Second, make sure you create each host with the correct persona. Very easy to get right with the current 3PAR Management Console (v4.5.1).


Other than that, you're good to go.  :)



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Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: HP 3PAR 7400 and Vmware 51


While there are No issues or problems with ESXi5.1 with 3PAR StoreServ7000 series disk arrays, you still need to follow all the best practices for 3PAR and ESX implementation.


If you are installing (or have already installed) the ESXi on HP servers, you might want to doublecheck that you are using HP's customized ESXi OS image from -



If you already installed the ESXi then you can add the offline bundle to get the proper drivers for HP hardware. If you are using other than HP server, you might want to check the custom ISOs at -



For new installation, please make sure you have all the latest firmware, MU and patch upgrade for the StoreServ. I have seen port/HBA errors due to lacking of proper patch levels. Though you might be able to upgrade the patches later too but "well begun is half done".


And, here is the VMware/HP best practices guide for 3PAR StoreServ arrays. Follow it religiously and you wont have any issue -