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HP 3PAR Connection Issue | Need Help

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HP 3PAR Connection Issue | Need Help


I have an HP 3PAR array on which I am unable to login via putty SSH and getting below error from my monitoring tool:

CLI SRV_PROC Max allowable tpdtcl processes of 128 e

Seems like my number of login sessions have exhausted. I am unable to login to Management Console to remove the existing sessions, nor do I have access to SP, also, I do not have root credentials and my contract has expired.

This is kind of a hopeless situation I suppose but still open for suggestions from anyone about any workaround to resolve this issue.


Re: HP 3PAR Connection Issue | Need Help

We had something similar some  ime ago. A Monitoring tool (Grafana with telegraf) was creating lot's of connections, but did not exit them probperly, so the max number of connections was reached and we could not connect anymore.

I'd first try to find where those connections come from, and stop whatever is creating them. Then I would wait, if all those conections time out and you can reconnect after some hours.


If not, you need somebody with root / service account credentials I guess.

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Re: HP 3PAR Connection Issue | Need Help

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