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HP 3PAR Service Processor error

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HP 3PAR Service Processor error

hi all

recentlly i purchase pre configured and pre licensed installed HP 3PAR 7400 2 node. now when i run smart start to install and configure Service Processor I received the following error: No uninitialized storage system with the specified serial number could be found.

after that i connect to storage with the cable console and find the ip address of the storage then install MC and connect to the storage. now i can configure the storage without the SP but i think i will get an error for managing storage without SP. please help me how can i install SP for this storage.

is it possible to work with hp 3par without sp?

thanks all.


Re: HP 3PAR Service Processor error

Hi, you have to add the Service processor to the storage array.  you can do this process by  accessing the Service Processor Onsite Customer Care (SPOCC) via a web browser.  To access this address, type in your browser the IP address of your SP  using https://, then in SPMaint, Add your new InServ with 3paradm account.


There is also a very useful Link by 3CVGUY which could help you on this:






Re: HP 3PAR Service Processor error

if it is a pre-configured setup, no need to run smart start as storage is already initialized.

Acess th SPOCC in web browser and you will find your InServ attached there. If not found you can add InServ to SP through SPOCC setup page.