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Re: HP 3par 8200 stuck in restart

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HP 3par 8200 stuck in restart

Our HPE 3par 8200 stuck in restart / reboot. I tried to connnect via console cable but could not succeeded. What should I do to complete its startup?

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Query: HP 3par 8200 stuck in restart

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Re: HP 3par 8200 stuck in restart

If you connect by Serial, you should see a Output during the hold Boot Process.

Use the supplied grey Connector with a CAT Cable to label "MFG" Controller 0/1 and Serial 57600 Baud.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.

Re: HP 3par 8200 stuck in restart

Hi shahidmgh


I assume, while reading "stuck in restart", it is not booting after a reboot. Was that a planned restart? Or was a power failure?


Are you able to connect to the array using the IP address? If yes, what the message there?


And, if the array is not responding, did you check the LED status on the nodes (and also on the cages, IFCs, PDs etc.)? They are a good indication on any hardware issues.


We need to see the node console (using the serial cable as mentioned already) if the nodes are not booting. 



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