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HP Storage Management Pack v3.1, anyone using it?

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HP Storage Management Pack v3.1, anyone using it?

Hoping this in the correct forum...


So I installed the latest management pack to start monitoring 4 3PAR StorServ 7400 arrays that we have. Pack installation went OK and I added all 4 devices which were detected and displayed in the HP Storage diagram view, no problem. I enabled both discoveries and was receiving SNMP traps into OpsMgr again without issue.


However I was using the admin account for these devices so I decided to switch these to a specific monitoring account that only had browse privileges. I removed all 4 devices and re-added them with the new accounts however now only 3 of them are showing up in the diagram display.


The OpsMgr log on the target server I'm using as the SNMP Trap Catcher is showing the same errors in the logs every 20 minutes:-


EventID 21402

HPEnterpriseStorage3PARMPSMISDiscovery.ps1......was forced to terminate because it ran past the configured timeout 600 seconds. Workflow Name:- HPEnterpriseStorage3PARMP_3PAR_DiscoveryRule.


I've tried deleting the HeathService state folder on the target server, removing all nodes and re-adding, rebooting the machine but the discovery just won;t complete. There are no errors related to this when I look in the 3PAR Inform tool.


Anybody have any ideas?


Dennis Handly
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Re: HP Storage Management Pack v3.1, anyone using it?

Here are some suggestions from a colleague:


If the below mentioned steps are not helping, can you share the setup for us to debug.

1. For the 4th array that was not getting discovered and the above error message was shown, did the UCT pass?

2. Is it the same 3PAR array every time that is not getting discovered even if you change the order of discovery? If this is the same 3PAR every time not getting discovered, can you ONLY discover the 4th 3PAR array and check.

3. Increase the interval second for the discovery rule to maybe 30 min and try the discovery again for all 4 arrays and check.

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Re: HP Storage Management Pack v3.1, anyone using it?

Hi Dennis,


Thanks for the reply. So I've done a bit more digging and the issue appears to be with the management ports?


It doesn't look like it can cope with the traffic. We have a 4 node set-up (7400) and if I disable everything but the discovery and set it to run every 15 minutes it completes every time in just over 7 minutes. This consists of one powershell script. At the same time I can open the Inform console and connect to one of the arrays no problem.


However when I enable any of the monitoring (for example the cages monitor), this kicks off 20 powershell scripts per node (that’s one script per cage) and is scheduled be default to run every 180 seconds.  80 powershell scripts every 3 minutes and that’s just for the cages. Anyway this causes the port to saturate, the discovery starts timing out and I can no longer connect using Inform.


Even after disabling the monitor it takes at least 10 minutes for the port to start listening to requests again and the discovery to recover.