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HP StoreServ Simulator Question

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HP StoreServ Simulator Question

Setting up my simulator environment - and I seem to be missing on important point - when I run the createcages command on STEP 1 - I have 5 options on the menu.  The directions do not specify which option is the correct option.  Anyone know?  I have tried 1 & 3 and both had OOTB config errors....  Wondering if it is just me?  Couldn't find the answers to this on this forum - so I have to ask!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP StoreServ Simulator Question

Hello  LAChicaRita,

The configuration shall be selected as per the user requirement from the available options.  They are not supposed to give any errors as such.

Did you try selecting option 5 and running 'esd' ?

Also, which version of the simulator you use?

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Re: HP StoreServ Simulator Question

Do you have  all 3 VMs running and connected with the Privat NIC?

- Node 1

- Node 2

- ESD (simulate the Disk Shelfs)

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: HP StoreServ Simulator Question

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Re: HP StoreServ Simulator Question

I`m getting page cannot be displayed when I`m trying to download latest simulator