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HPE 3PAR 8200 Self Install

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HPE 3PAR 8200 Self Install

We have ordered 3PAR 8200 with the self install option and I am currently going through the Customer Self Install guide in order to initialize the storage by the book.

I have several questions:

1. The requirements for the virtual SP are 256GB of storage - is this mandatory meaning I will not be able to deploy the virtual machine on a smaller storage device even if I use thin provisioning?

2. In order to initialize the storage we should start the guided setup by accessing https://<sp_ip_address>:8443/ In an environment where there is no DHCP I can set manual IP address for the VSP by using the ESXi console but do I need to assign IP adresses to the storage nodes as well? If so, this should be done by acessing the nodes through the console ports - I don't see any details regarding this in the Self Install guide.

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Re: HPE 3PAR 8200 Self Install

1) I think you need less - my test vSP has 10GB virtual harddrive currently.


2) the SP will broadcast in order to find the uninitialized 3PAR - it will have a kind of degault IP address at this time.

Hope this helps!

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