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HPE 3PAR and Switch H3C

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HPE 3PAR and Switch H3C


I'm connected to HPE 3PAR 8200 to an H3C switch through the 10GB SFP connections to present volumes to two DL360 servers.

H3C Comware Platform Software
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But it is not doing it, we configure the ports and physically it is observed that there is connection but when looking for the 3PAR there is no connection. When you ping from the switch to 3PAR, the result is negative:

1. The state of the fibers was checked. They are fine.
2. The servers are directly connected to the 3PAR: It works correctly.
3. The comparison was made with another storage system in question of configuration and have the same configuration for the interfaces for the nodes:

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet2/0/11
port access vlan 400
jumboframe enable 9216

Thank you very much for the help


Re: HPE 3PAR and Switch H3C

Hello Dimitri_S,

It appears there is  a compatibility issue or configuration mismatch. 

Did this setup ever work?

Also could you disable jumbo frames and try?

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Re: HPE 3PAR and Switch H3C

Dimitri_S, which ports on the 3PAR are you using? You did get the add-on iSCSI cards for the 3PAR, correct? Please run the following commands and post the results:


showport -iscsi

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Re: HPE 3PAR and Switch H3C

Hi, Sheldom

3PAR_SYSTEM cli% showport -iscsi
N:S:P State IPAddr Netmask/PrefixLen Gateway TPGT MTU Rate iSNS_Addr iSNS_Port STGT VLAN
0:2:1 ready 21 1500 10Gbps 3205 21 Y
0:2:2 offline 22 1500 n/a 3205 22 Y
1:2:1 ready 121 1500 10Gbps 3205 121 Y
1:2:2 offline 122 1500 n/a 3205 122 Y

I solved the problem.

It was in the VLAN that apparently had not been accepted by switch and likewise configured the gateway to 3PAR and with the problem was overcome.