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HPE 3Par storeserve 7200 virtual copy clone.

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HPE 3Par storeserve 7200 virtual copy clone.

Hi All,

I 'm new to the forum and i have a question regard to my storage question.

I have a base volume mapped into a server and took numbers of the snapshots. Now the volume that i mapped in the server was corrupted. How can i use one of the snapshots to replace the corrupted volume?

I have seen two options from my snapshots, "create clone or promote clone". What should i do to make one of the snapshot to replace my corrupted volume.

Thank you very much!




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Re: HPE 3Par storeserve 7200 virtual copy clone.

Hi @NiemNguyen 

A snapshot contains only changes or delta's of a volume. If your volume is corrupt I doubt you'll be able to promote a snapshot, however if you won't try you won't get to see the result.
Apart from snapshots, a clone would be a perfect solution because it performs a full copy of a base volume.

The HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy doc will give you a detailed information of Virtual Copy technology.

In the past I've writen an article on how to promote snapshots to virtual volumes, and it can be found here: 3PAR StoreServ – Promoting snapshots to base virtual volumes

Hope to have been of assistance.

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Re: HPE 3Par storeserve 7200 virtual copy clone.

As long as you have a snapshot from before the volume corruption, at a high-level you would

  1. dismount the base volume from the host(s)
  2. remove the VLUN between the base volume and the host(s)
  3. promote the good (earlier) snapshot to the base volume
  4. ... wait ....
  5. re-create the VLUN between the restored base volume and the host(s)
  6. mount the restored base volume to the host(s)

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