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HPE VSA to 3PAR 8200 Migration

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HPE VSA to 3PAR 8200 Migration

We have vmware, windows OS.

Will have to migrate around 20 VMs  from VSA to 3PAR 8200. This can be done either online or offline.

Is there any tool to do this kind of migration or please advise on the best migration methods.

Sheldon Smith

Re: HPE VSA to 3PAR 8200 Migration

Yeah. (Storage) vMotion.
Create your new thinly-provisioned datastores, check your multipathing, make sure the datastores are using round robin. See the 3PAR VMware Implementation Guide.
vMotion from VSA to 3PAR. Optimally set the VMDKs to use Eager Thick provisioning.

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Re: HPE VSA to 3PAR 8200 Migration

if you are talking about a storevirtual VSA to SToreSErv 8200 you can do it with PEER copy using Recovery Manager Central. 


RMC is a virtual machine appliance that orachistrates 3par snapshots but 4.0 can "Peer Copy" volumes using snapshots to and from a StoreVirtual VSA. (not hardware appliances). The primary function of RMC is to create snapshots from your StoreSErv array and be able to archive those snapshots to a storeonce appliance.   RMC can also work with Remote copy and replicate archived snapshots on a storeonce appliance to another storeonce appliance for DR purposes too. 

4.0 supports 3.2.2 and a newer version would be necessary for StoreServ 3.3

Hope this helps.


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