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HPe 3PAR DR Storage Replication

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HPe 3PAR DR Storage Replication

Hi, We have Main site and DR site in Main we have HPe 3PAR Vmware Esxi cluster, and in DR also similar configuration. so i would like to know the replicated volumes in DR site can i present them to the hosts in DR? (becasue they are read only mode), or do i need to present them only after the failover to DR?

My idea is to have the Volimes and Data storage attached and mounted in DR site, just to save time in case to DR. the VMs should be listed in DR site Vcenter. so when the failover happens i just need to swith on the VM

Kindly Adice

Robin Dsouza




Re: HPe 3PAR DR Storage Replication

Hello Robindsouza,

You can present the volumes at the DR site to hosts but it will not get recognised by the servers since they are READ-ONLY.  


I assume you have a setup which has a bidirectional replication (1 to 1) with no automatic failover configured. And also, the replication mode is sync. Also, this is not a mirror config or a site failover configuration.

For Synchronous mode for 1-to-1 configurations:  When a failure occurs on systems with synchronous mode volume groups such that all links between the systems are broken, the following actions occur:

• After 5 seconds, the system detects the target failed.

• After another 10 seconds, the system declares the RC links are down and stops the RC groups.

Now the process 'failover' applies which actually brings up volume groups on the system in the failover array (and I assume the failover is manual at this site).

After failover only we can get the volumes in RW status (and they will be in primary-rev mode).

Please refer https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03618143 (HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Software User Guide)

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