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How can I find my SPOCC IP Address?

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How can I find my SPOCC IP Address?

I am new in managing HPE Storage and I have taken over these 20000 arrays few days back.


Can any of the experts please help me to find my SPOCC IP Address?

I have access to SSMC and IMC.


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Re: How can I find my SPOCC IP Address?

Hello @Abhishek_Saxena,

Below link can be helpful for you to answer all the query related to 3PAR SPOCC:

Link: Click here to access the document for HPE 3PAR Service Processor Onsite Customer Care (SPOCC).

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Re: How can I find my SPOCC IP Address?

A good question, since the management flow is in the other direction. The array does not 'send commands to the service processor; howeveer the SP 'talks' to the array. So while there is no setting as such on the array, the SP is asking the array for information frequently. And the array keeps track of who's doing what in its event log. Try this
showeventlog -min 10 -oneline
to look at the last ten minutes and see what IP addresses are talking to the array. Eliminate the SSMC server and your IMC address. The address of your SP should be in there. And tehn open your browser to that. Remember to use the SP login credentials, not the array credentials.

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