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How to get CPG raid type from CLI in HPE 3PAR?

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How to get CPG raid type from CLI in HPE 3PAR?

Was testing out CPG configurations on our new 3PAR and am trying to get RAID configuration info from the CLI. I've already taken a look at this link here: https://community.hpe.com/t5/3PAR-StoreServ-Storage/How-to-get-HP-3PAR-CPG-Raid-Configuration-info-from-CLI/td-p/6872108
I can interpret "showcpg -sdg", where the argument after -t is the raid type, but not for the third CPG.

3par cli% showcpg -sdg
Id Name Warn Limit Grow Args
0 FC_r1 - - 32768 -ssz 2 -ha mag -t r1 -p -devtype FC
1 FC_r6 - - 32768 -ssz 6 -ha mag -t r6 -p -devtype FC
2 CPG_test 40960 81920 8192 -ha mag -ssz 3 -p -devtype FC -rpm 10

Are there any ways to interpret what RAID type that CPG is? Or are there any other commands I can run to check?

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Re: How to get CPG raid type from CLI?

Reading the 3PAR Command Line Reference manual, the "createcpg" command has a default raid type. With 3PAR OS 3.3.1, the default is RAID6.

If you have created one or more volumes using CPG_test, there will be logical disks (LD) created against the CPG. Use the command "showld -cpg CPG_test" to see the characteristics of the LDs.

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Re: How to get CPG raid type from CLI?

That's perfect, thank you so much for the quick solution!