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How to get my HPE 3PAR Raid Configuration info from Management consol

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How to get my HPE 3PAR Raid Configuration info from Management consol

I am working on HPE 3PAR Storage system. Now I need to know my RAID configuration information. I can't find it into the management consol. can anybody help me to figure out? how can I identify my raid configuration info of HPE 3par storage?

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Re: How to get my HPE 3PAR Raid Configuration info from Management consol

Hi. RAID configuration is virtual volume dependent. When a virtual volume is created, a Common Provisioning Groups (CPGs) is specified.
A CPG creates a virtual pool of Logical Disks (LD) that allows virtual volumes (VV) to share the CPG's resources and allocates space on demand. 

A Logical Disk (LD) is a collection of physical disk chunklets arranged as rows of RAID sets. Each RAID set is made up of chunklets from different physical disks. LDs are pooled together in Common Provisioning Groups (CPG), which allocate space to virtual volumes. Creating CPGs maps out the data layout parameters for creating LDs.
Logical Disks are created automatically.

You can look at the Common Provisioning Groups in the management console: SSMC.

You can simultaneously have volumes created some of which are RAID 10, others RAID 50 and yet others RAID 60. 
Note that 3PAR refers to them as RAID 1, 5 and 6 respectively.

From the command line, commands of interest are:

showvvThe showvv command displays information about all Virtual Volumes (VVs) or a specific VV in a system. 
showvvcpg - The showvvcpg command displays the Virtual Volume (VV) space distribution among CPGs
showcpg - The showcpg command displays common provisioning groups (CPGs) in the system.

See the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide, the HPE 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference, the HPE 3PAR Command Line Interface Administrator Guide, and the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console User Guide. All are available at the HPE Information Library.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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