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Hp 3 PAR 7400 with EMC VNX 5500

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Hp 3 PAR 7400 with EMC VNX 5500

Hi ,

We are in confusion whether to go with hp or emc for our envt at DR site.

At DC we are happy with EMC VNX 5500 200gb SSD 24gb cache,fast cache performance.

At DR we are being offered HP 3 PAR 7400 32gb cache, 600gb ssd auto tiering .


At DR we need to buy euivalent storage.



Can you guys tell me from your experiences which isthe best ?

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Re: Hp 3 PAR 7400 with EMC VNX 5500

Hi chindi,


as an HP employee I cannot comment on competitor solutions; if anything, 3PAR 7400 is a solid modern platform packed with features and some very smart SSD-specific optimisations, so from technology standpoint I'd encourage you to give it a try.


Keep in mind though that some array features such as hardware replication are vendor-specific and cannot be natively performed across different platforms. This needs to be considered when planning dual-site DC/DR solution.


Hope this helps,




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Re: Hp 3 PAR 7400 with EMC VNX 5500

In general I would try to match production to allow for SAN level replication enhancements. I would say the 7400 and 5500 are in the same range of storage platforms. VNX fanboys will say one and 3Par will say the other...both are being sold and both have sold. The 5500 has been shipping for longer so there is more of it out there. Each system has a different approach to how they handle beyond the x-TB of capacity with y-interface problem.


IMO, get prices for both and compare. At the very least it keeps them both honest on pricing hopefully.