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Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity


Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity

Our Client have  one 3par v400 storage  &  We are planning to connect  connect it via Brocade 4/12  San switch for Hp C-class  blade system, which is  4Gbps. Does 3par support 4Gbps swich ??


Also, Which is the best method you suggest for connectivity?



1. Connect 3par directly to blade san switch

2.  Connect  Blade san switch to Core san switch as extened switch & Connect 3par to core san switch

3.  Connect  Blade san switch to Core san switch as access gateway (NPIV) & Connect 3par to core san switch





Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity

I would be very surprised if the 8Gbps ports cannot also run 4Gbps. Could not find any documentation about this though. Perhaps in the management interface in the v400 you can chose a speed on the host port?

I'd go with option 2.

Wouldn't it be better to connect the v400 to an 8Gbps switch - in case you in the future want to connect the v400 to a host with 8Gbps HBA?

If you're not approaching the limit of max domain ID in your SAN then I wouldn't go with option three - setting up ISL trunking is a bit easier and IMO more dynamic than with the access gateway and N_Port trunking.
Sheldon Smith

Re: Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity

The P10000 PCI-e FCAs support both 8Gb and 4Gb. Even 2Gb, although I'd hope someone was actively upgrading any 2Gb hardware in the process. You can set the front-end port speed, but the documentation recommends leaving it to auto-negotiate.

Depending on how many FCAs you have installed for FE connections, connecting directly to the blade SAN switches may be just fine: 4 nodes, 6 FE cards per node, 4 ports per card = 96 ports.

Look at the HP San Design Guide, and the HP 3PAR Implementation Guides for your operating systems for more information.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity

I managed to resolve this issue. These are the steps i followed.


1. Connected 3par  to the Core san switch which is on 8Gbps

2. Enable access gateway mode on  blade interconnect switch

3. Connect blade interconnect switch with  Core san switch

4. Configure zone with WWPN of   3par stg host port + WWPN of blade server mezzanine fc ports + WWPN of blade interconnect switch port which is connected with core san switch.



What I was missing was the WAP of  blade interconnect switchport. I didn't included this  when i done zoning previously.  3par unable to detect the zoned blade servers until you put the interconnect port wwpn in the zoning.




Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Hp Blade & 3par storage v400 connectivity



For querries regarding HP 3PAR and HP storage products you can take a look at the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.


Link for the same is below:




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