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IMC Bugs?

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IMC Bugs?

After we cleared out a decent amount of space from one of our 7400's, I ran a compact CPG in my 3PAR IMC where I saw my task running yesterday but don't see it today.  I see it running in the SSMC and a co-worker sees it in his IMC (older version).  I'd prefer not downgrading my IMC and we always have the SSMC as another available console (yah...I know that HPE wants everyone to move away from the IMC) but has anyone else seen this disappearing running tasks behavior in your IMC as well?

Dennis Handly
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Re: IMC bugs?

What does the CLI show for that task?  By default the CLI won't show anything over 24 hours.

Perhaps IMC does the same?

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Re: IMC bugs?

Unfortunately the compact CPG finished where I didn't look at the CLI while the task was running.  The thing is, my co-worker who's running an older version of the IMC saw my task running even the next day and I could see it in the SSMC so that's why I thought it might be an issue in the latest IMC version.  Oh well, no biggie.


Re: IMC Bugs?


Check showtask -done /showtask -active  to see the compactcapg task  from CLI which you should able to identify with your start date.

Once you have the task ID, you can cehck the status/progress of the task using the below command

showtask -d <task ID>

I prefer to cehck the proper status checking over CLI than IMC/SSMC as these are GUI based and are prone to Bugs.

Saying this, IMC is no more under development as we already  started using the SSMC as an alternate.


Vibeesh V


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