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Map a Lun to a Disk in Hyper-V

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Map a Lun to a Disk in Hyper-V

Kindly I want to know how to know which Disk is the LUN , I mean I want to map each Lun to which Disk.

I am a storage admin in a new environment and the do not have complete or even accurate documentation so I want to know for each disk I can see in the Hyper V host the storage system that this disk came from and which lun in that storage system represent this disk. as we are going to migrate data from an old storage to a new one using Microsoft hyper V migration tool.

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Re: Map a Lun to a Disk in Hyper-V

The easiest way is to download and install HPE LUNInfo for HPE Primera and HPE 3PAR available from the HPE Software Depot. https://h20392.www2.hpe.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do?productNumber=3PARinfo
Install on your Hyper-V host. 

This is a command line utility that makes a list of all the 3PAR volumes with their

  • Device File Name
  • LUN Size
  • Target ID
  • LUN ID
  • VV Name
  • Code Revision
  • Array Serial Number

Other command line options give more detail, and return the information in a character-delimited format.

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Re: Map a Lun to a Disk in Hyper-V


Indeed, the easiest way is to use HPE LUNInfo (old name HPE3PARInfo), it's a small executable which I have deployed on all my machines.

The following commannd lists your Lun ID and Lun WWN on a host: HP3PARInfo.exe -i

If you want to make sure if the Lun ID corresponds to the ones shown in Explorer:

- Open Command Line
- Type: diskpart
- Type: list disk

The Lun ID shown from HP3PARInfo.exe should correspond with the one shown on Diskpart.


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