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Modify Event Severity?

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Modify Event Severity?

3PAR OS 3.2.2 on a 7400.  Is it possible to modify the severity of certain events?  There are a few tagged as "minor" that we'd like to downgrade to "informational."


Re: Modify Event Severity?

Hello rmay_bk 

I do not think we can modify these alert severity ; 

Severity Description
Fatal : A fatal event has occurred. It is no longer possible to take remedial action.
Critical : The event is critical and requires immediate action.
Major : The event requires immediate action.
Minor : An event has occurred that requires action, but the situation is not yet serious.
Degraded : An aspect of performance or availability may have become degraded. You must decide if action
is necessary.
Informational :  The event is informational. No action is required other than acknowledging or removing the alert.

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