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Move 3par 8200 inside the Datacenter

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Move 3par 8200 inside the Datacenter


I have a hp 3par 8200 storage ,up and running for years.

I need to replace the storage from a rack to another rack inside the same Datacenter

How to safly do that ?

Should I have to shut it down totally (it contain one contrlllernode and two expansion)?

Can I put the storage in some kind of maintance mode that prevent any operation on the storage and prevent any IOPS from hosts and then move the rack contain the storage to another place without having to cut off elecricity and shutdown it.

what about down time  to rerun the storage again ?

We have more than one 3par 8200 storage system some still have valid support and other are out of support.


Waiting for your feedback


Re: Move 3par 8200 inside the Datacenter

Hello @owahid 

Following are some guidelines one needs to follow while relocating the 3par Array. 

  • Run a health check on the system to make sure everything is good before you start.
  • Next, note the cabling at the rear and label everything.
  • Shut down all servers using the SAN so there is no IO's on the San.
  • Enable maintenance mode on the inserv using the SP for the length of time it's going to take.
  • log into the SP and shut down the inserv nodes (halt them).
  • Once they are down, shut down the SP and the switches.
  • Power everything off and remove the cables.
  • Unrack the kit and move it to the new location.
  • Rack it all back up again.
  • Cable it as it was before (Probably good to take a photo before moving it too to compare)
  • Power up the switches and disk shelves, once they are settled, power up the controllers, then the SP. Finally the server hosts.
  • Check the San and SP to make sure they look good, can see the servers etc. run the healthcheck again to confirm this.
  • Disable maintenance mode (if it hasn't already expired) and start bringing the VMS online.

Please Note: It would be best to engage HPE support for relocation assistance. 

For more information check out the link. : https://content.etilize.com/User-Manual/1038516417.pdf

Hope this help @owahid !

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Re: Move 3par 8200 inside the Datacenter

Hello Owahid,

Maintenance mode will just stop the alerts. Host IOps will continue during maintenance mode.

So you need to unexport the volumes, make sure there are no host IOps running. Physically disconnect all hosts and power supply. Relocate the storage to the new rack. Reinstate the host connections identically like before. Power on the storage system. Run a healthcheck and export the volumes to respective hosts again.

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: Move 3par 8200 inside the Datacenter

If you don't have a support contract, you don't need to care about the maintenance mode anyway.

Hope this helps!

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