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Move Store Serv 7200

Hi all,

in the next weeks i go move a Store Serv 7200 in another building.

The baie 3PAR at this time use the functionnalitys Peer persistence and remote copy.
I use Fiber channel for the Remote Copy.
We can't move the nodes and quorum on sametime.
When the nodes are in the target site i shoudl change their IPs.

I will show you my plan and please can you say me if is valid or not.

Here is the detail of my configuration :

During the move we will have a eternhet connexion between both sites.
the Quorum is a VM on hypervisor Hyper-V.
The version of 3 PAR is and the VP 4.4.0 GA-58.
I don't have the quorum version.
The volumes 3par are mapped to vSphere cluster.

I go to this move in three steps.

Fisrt step :
Move quorum
• Stopping VM quorum and VSP on the Hyper-V and shutdown the hypervisor.
• Move on the taret site.
• Start hypervisor and VMs, check the connectivity. setrcopytarget witness check ''ip_quorum''

Second steps :
Move Nodes
• Balancing Vms on ESXIs from the place of Remote copy volume.
• Use the commande stop remote copy.
• Stopping the node 1
• move to target site
• Start the Node 1
• Check the connectivity with the node 2 and quorum.
• if ok
• Stopping of node 2
• move
• Start Node 2
• Check the connectivity with the node 1 and quorum.

third steps :

change IP address.
• Remove quorum from cluster.
• Change ip address of quorim from HP precedure.
• add quorum with the new IP.
• change the mgmt ip of node 1 with the commande
#Setnet startaddr 'current_IP' 'new_IP' 'subnet'
#setnet startgateway 'new_gateway'
#Setnet finish
• change IP in SSMC of Node 1
• change the mgmt ip of node 2
• change IP in SSMC of Node 2
• Run the commande restore to balancing as the first configuration the Remote copy volumes.

Can you says if i can have an impact to change the IP of Store Serv when i use the Remote copy?

Thanks in advanced for your answers.


Ps : sorry for my english if all phrase are not correct.