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NFS Parameters Reg

Occasional Advisor

NFS Parameters Reg

Dear HPE Team,


Windows Registry EntriesWindows Registry EntriesNFS ParametersNFS ParametersPlease find the attached images. we have a NFS Share with the parameters mentioned in attached NFS_Params.png.


when we mount this NFS Share in windows using "Services For NFS" we can able to map this share as ex:  Z:\ 


but we can only able to read by default all files and folders showing "Read Only and Archive" Parameters are set.

if we removed these parameters, next mount again all files will become read only.


There is no issues with crating new files and modifying them. only existing files become always read only .


If we copy a file locally modify the files and put it back in share there is no issue. 


Please advise the correct parameters so that i can able to modify the existing files in place.


From Internet we got some advise that AnonymousUID and AnonymousGID is set to "0" in widows registry under still no luck (Please refer reg_New.png) 


Buddala Venkatesh

Occasional Advisor

Re: NFS Parameters Reg


Does someone help in this regards. i am unable to write into NFS share mounted on Windows using services for NFS feature in Windows 10, always the existing files will be read only. please advice the correct parameter for NFS share while creating in SSMC, so that my winodws NFS mount will be alway RW mode.


Buddala Venkatesh



Re: NFS Parameters Reg

Hi Buddala Venkatesh

Thank you for coming on HPE Community forums.

I request you please have a look the SPOCK link mentioned below


you may need a passport account to access this link.

NFS is supported on Linux & Unix clients, for windows 10 unfortunately NFS is not supported.



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