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New at HP 3Par 8000

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New at HP 3Par 8000

I have Two HPE 3Par 8000, due to become fully usage, I want to add additional Harddisks. Before deploy by vendor engineer but I want to do myself this time.

I do below step to add harddisk then my cpg will get additional size.

1. Open 3Par CLI,
2. type "3PAR01 cli% admitpd"
3. type "3PAR01 cli% showsys -space"
4. type "3PAR01 cli% tunesys -dr" if no error then go 5
5. type "3PAR01 cli% tunesys

After task 5 finish, then I can see cpg size expand.
During to do this step, the 3Par no need change other mode and keep online, this is no affect current usage.


Sheldon Smith

Re: New at HP 3Par 8000

Note that there will be some time required between steps 2 and 3.
The newly added physical disks need their chunklets initialized before doing the tunesys in step 4.

3. type "3PAR01 cli% showsys -space" if uninitialized is zero then goto 4 else wait and goto 3

If there are uninitialized chunklets, note the number, wait 30 minutes, note the number again. You can make a rough estimate of remaining time to initialize based on the delta between the two times you checked.

The rest of your notes are fine. The 3PAR stays online and normal the entire time.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Dennis Handly
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Re: New at HPE 3PAR 8000

You may want to use admithw instead of admitpd.

You don't really need to do tunesys to see the CPG expanded but it balances the system after adding new PDs.