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Peer Motion PoC using Extended Fabrics

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Peer Motion PoC using Extended Fabrics


We are planning to run a proof of concept for a customer regarding 3PAR Peer Motion software to demonstrate some use cases, since our customer needs to move to another Datacenter, which distance is about 20Km. So I was looking for some information but i could not find any specifics details:

- Is Peer Motion supported over Extended Fabrics <25Kms?? we will be using 16Gbps ELWL SFPs and dark fiber on each site (Site A and Site B)

- What should be maximum latency between sites?? Round Trip??

- Customer wants to try with some test machines, but since this is a PoC, resources are limited, I Only have one san switch in site B, but there are some requirements in order for Peer Motion to work, one of these is to use ports from partner nodes wich I am not able to accomplish on Site A, since this 3PAR has 2 separate fabrics for each partner node and I want to connect only one port for one switch in Site A and one port on Switch B. Is it possible to force via CLI or GUI the usage of only one port per system for Peer connections or eventually two ports from nodes that are not partners?? the purpose of the PoC is to check data transfer and functionality not HA or multipath

-Is it possible to use only one port for host connections??

- Any further recommendations??


Thanks in advance.....