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Peer Persistence and 3PAR OS versions

Davide Depaoli_3
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Peer Persistence and 3PAR OS versions


I'm working on a proposal for a customer wants to build a DR environment. Actually he has one 3PAR 7200c and vmware. 3PAR OS is 3.2.1 (MU5).

Documentation says: "Firmware version on both HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays must be 3.1.2 MU2 or newer"

But I have not understood if is mandatory to have exactly the same OS version on both 3PAR or is possible to have different release, respecting the minimum level required.

For example can I maintain the 3.2.1 MU5 on 7200c and on the new 8200 have the latest release or I have to update the 7200c ?

The new array would be a 3PAR 8200 with latest OS available,

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Sheldon Smith

Re: Peer Persistence and 3PAR OS versions

Since Peer Persistence is layered upon Remote Copy, at a minimum the Remote Copy rules would need to be followed. Since the new array is an 8200 with latest OS available (presumably 3.2.2 MU{something}), the 7200c running 3.2.1 MU5 would be supported in a transition state for a maximum of five weeks while it gets upgraded to 3.2.2 MU{something} as well. See the HPE 3PAR Operating System Upgrade Pre-Planning Guide for "3PAR Remote Copy guidelines".

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