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Problems with new enterprise licensing portal


Problems with new enterprise licensing portal


I have problems downloading software from https://myenterpriselicense.hpe.com.

I tried with four different browsers. Yes, one of them was a recent chrome, the others were IEs and a new MS Chromium Edge. I'm in a managed enterprise environment here, installing browsers just to see what's happening is not possible.

I see my linked contracts and stuff, I can see updates. But when I klick on "more info" for an update or the download icon, I get a spinning circle and an error after some minutes. The error is about temporary issues, that prevents the website from fulfilling my request. Temporary issues for several days now.

I learned that adblocking and tracker blocking break the new portal, so adobe, oracle and google ARE seeing what I'm doing, this is not the problem IMHO. After some clicking around, it's 100+ active trackers, awesome for an enterprise licensing portal btw!

Is the download section actually really down ("temporary problems..."), or does anybody have an idea?

Is there any way to reach the old portal??

Vajith V
Community Manager

Re: Problems with new enterprise licensing portal


We are sorry for this support experiecne. Your feedback has been forwarded onto our support team and we asked them to contact you.  These site issues can be submitted to our dedicated site support team via https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/usageSupport/ or by selecting “I need support” after “Site support” under the “Help” menu.


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